Revolutionary Filtration

Intelligent lens mount for DSMC2.
Quick-change filter cartridges.
Four-position rotating filter.
Best of class ND and diffusion.

KipperTie are proud to announce: Revolva

Revolva is a new concept.  Nothing quite the same has been made before.  Take a moment to explore the product page and learn how Revolva can save you time, weight, cost and complexity.

Revolva represents a serious development effort.  We trust in hard work, and truly believe our wonderful customers, friends and fellow professionals will benefit hugely.

New: Revolva filter system

Available to order now

Real analogue looks inside your RED camera

KipperTie: for RED DSMC2

Make the most of RED's unique modularity

KipperTie: for RED DSMC2

Make your RED camera even more effective and your footage even more beautiful

KipperTie: for RED DSMC2