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Adapta RF/EF

From £490.00

Solid locking, Accurate, Reliable.

Adapta RF/EF is the positive locking high quality EF mount adapter specifically designed for RED® Komodo.

Converting from Komodo’s native RF mount to ever-popular EF, Adapta RF/EF is carefully designed with optical baffles and flare traps for optimal performance, and with consideration for Komodo’s cine-style usage.

The mount is optimised for strength and long life.  Stainless steel and aerospace grade aluminium are used throughout. The EF mount is shimmable for accurate backfocus, and is of a positive locking design with no free play.

Essential to the concept is the included robust support foot engineered to match the Komodo’s body size, allowing the mount to be tied rigidly to a base plate or other support with 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 fittings.

Optionally the Chinstrap mount support provides exceptional rigidity connecting the Adapta RF/EF directly to the Komodo camera body.

Adapta RF/EF is designed especially to complement Komodo, but will fit any RF mount.  All standard EF lenses are compatible, and all available electronic functionality from the host camera is passed through.

Lead time for new orders is approximately 5 weeks

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What’s included? What can I add?

  • Adapta RF/EF mount
  • Removable support foot
  • Port cap and rear cap
  • Foam filled shipping box
  • Upgrade to the rock solid Chinstrap support

Double Locking

RF mount play eliminated with bolt on support

EF mount locks solidly, bayonet style.

Accurate backfocus

Individually shimmed and calibrated.

Designed for Komodo

Aligns perfectly with Komodo’s form factor.

Adapta RF/EF is a high quality adapter for users who understand the rigours of a professional set.

Adapta RF/EF brings cine-quality EF mounting to the RED Komodo.  Adapta is built for strength, quality and serviceability to match the expectations of the professional environment.

The included removable support foot can be rigged either above or below the mount, and aligns perfectly with the Komodo body in either position.

For ultimate stability we recommend configuring Adapta RF/EF with the Chinstrap mount support, locking the mount firmly and directly to the Komodo body.


Compatibility ef

All standard EF lenses will fit Adapta RF/EF
While there may be exceptions where very unusual optics are concerned, Adapta RF/EF conforms to the normal Canon EF standard.
Adapta RF/EF is designed for RED Komodo.
Any camera using a Canon RF (Eos R) mount will also be compatible, however the support foot height is specific to the Komodo body size.
Adapta RF/PL, Adapta RF/EF, Revolva RF/PL and Revolva RF/EF are cross compatible for support.
The support foot and Chinstrap support are each compatible with these mounts and can be interchanged.
Adapta has top and bottom mountings to which both the support foot and Chinstrap can be attached.

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Online orders can be placed through this store.
Purchases are also possible through Kippertie resellers around the world.
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Adapta products are built to order on an approximately 2 week lead time.
If you have a specific deadline, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.
Category: Purchasing
We ship worldwide from our base in the UK.
The only export limitations we must adhere to are for Cuba, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Iran and Syria.
Category: Purchasing

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