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DSMC2 6 x FS-ND OLPF kit


Top class ND OLPFs with excellent colour reproduction.

This best-of-class neutral density kit consists of six OLPFs built to fit the DSMC2 S35 system.  We call these Full Spectrum-ND, as they are truly neutral in response across visible and near-IR light.  This means zero colour shifts and zero IR problems.

Using the swappable OLPF system you’re free to use any lens at all without the additional cost and rigging of a mattebox. What’s more you are far less likely to suffer internal reflections, narcissism and other artefacts of large expensive drop-in filters.

Available as build-to-order

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The set ships in a top quality custom foam filled hard case, with the kit consisting of:
  • ND 0.6
  • ND 0.9
  • ND 1.2
  • ND 1.5
  • ND 1.8
  • ND 2.1
  • Custom-foam hard case
These ND OLPFs use the skintone-highlight colour calibration for the greatest possible colour accuracy.

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