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DSMC2 6 x FS-ND OLPF kit


Top class ND OLPFs with excellent colour reproduction.

This best-of-class neutral density kit consists of six OLPFs built to fit the DSMC2 S35 system.  We call these Full Spectrum-ND, as they are truly neutral in response across visible and near-IR light.  This means zero colour shifts and zero IR problems.

Using the swappable OLPF system you’re free to use any lens at all without the additional cost and rigging of a mattebox. What’s more you are far less likely to suffer internal reflections, narcissism and other artefacts of large expensive drop-in filters.

Available as build-to-order

SKU: JBM220 Category: Product ID: 4240
The set ships in a top quality custom foam filled hard case, with the kit consisting of:
  • ND 0.6
  • ND 0.9
  • ND 1.2
  • ND 1.5
  • ND 1.8
  • ND 2.1
  • Custom-foam hard case
These ND OLPFs use the skintone-highlight colour calibration for the greatest possible colour accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions


We recommend purchasing from our trusted resellers or from this site wherever possible. Local resellers will give the fastest service and the full retail facilities you would expect. If time is not critical, or you have no local reseller we offer free worldwide 5 to 7 day shipping from our online store.

Abelcine in the USA now hold good stock levels on most products.

Worldwide resellers include:
AbelCine – – Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, USA
Advanced Media Technology – – Dubai, UAE
AV8 Media – – Singapore
Raid Inc – – Tokyo, Japan

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We are currently changing our stock indication protocol.

Currently ‘in stock’ means that we hold all necessary parts to assemble a product. It’s a lot like ordering a car that has your own specification – it is subject to assembly and testing time, and final QC which can cause delays prior to actual shipping. Our supply chain process has been undergoing improvements – make no mistake, we are new at this, so delivery time has not been optimal in many cases.

From 1st January 2017, ‘In stock’ on our website will mean we have pre-built, pre-packaged, QC-passed products ready for immediate shipping.

‘Available to order’ will refer to the above process, where we hold components in stock ready to build to order.

We will continue to allow back-orders, and to offer discounted pre-orders where applicable, and as always we trust that our customers understand that lead times here are estimated only.

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We do not offer trials or rental filters, however our products are stocked by many leading RED rental houses.

In addition, our resellers are required to carry demo items for users to test.

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KipperTie are part of RED’s approved third party product programme.

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We are happy to offer technical support and advice directly by email. Please get in contact, ideally quoting your order number so that we can identify your exact product.

For product warranty and replacement issues, please contact your reseller first, or KipperTie directly if purchased online.

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The standard flat rate worldwide shipping we offer is via the UK Royal Mail. The International Tracked and Signed service partners with the national carrier in the delivery country for cost effective tracked delivery. In Europe 3-5 working days and worldwide 5 to 7 working days are required for delivery. We insure the packages in transit independently, and the on-time delivery success rate is over 95%.

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We are happy to ship via Fedex or similar when necessary. Contact us via email with your order number to establish cost and shipping time.
It is cheaper in most cases for us to ship and pass the cost on directly, than to use a customer’s shipping account, due to the relative cost for export vs. import shipping, and due to insurance requirements – we insure independently to reduce shipping cost.

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Please refer to your customer account and notification emails for a tracking number. In some cases packages that cannot be delivered during working hours are held by a local delivery office, pending customer response to a letter that is posted to them. This can greatly slow down the process – please check your tracking number regularly and contact us if you have queries. Once a parcel reaches its destination country, detailed tracking is taken on by the national postal service rather than Royal Mail.

If your package has not yet shipped, please contact us by email for an estimated lead time.

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