Chinstrap – Revolva/Adapta support for Komodo

£130.00 exc. VAT

RF/PL lens mount support for RED Komodo

This compact and super strong mounting bracket fits snugly with the Komodo body, providing reliable and rigid support for Adapta RF/PL or Revolva RF/PL mounts.  Essential for ensuring rigidity with PL lenses and especially so where strong vibrations, rapid action or heavier glass is in order.

The details are well thought out:

Underneath a 3/8-16 mounting point facilitates further mounting to a base plate, while the side support ribs carry standard 9mm spaced 1/4-20 threaded holes.

The Komodo M4 mounting points are duplicated 10mm rearward to allow stacking of other Komodo specific accessories.

Once installed the Adapta or Revolva mounts can still be unfastened with a 2.5mm hex driver and removed if necessary without removing the Chinstrap.

The anodised aerospace grade aluminium is rigid and lightweight, and all the quality stainless steel fasteners are captive for convenience.

Lead time 2 weeks. Estimated completion 19 December 2022

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