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Raven internal 6 x FS-ND kit

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Manufacture of this item is discontinued. Order now from limited stock.

KipperTie have designed a unique solution for adding internal ND to the RED Raven camera.

This best-of-class neutral density kit consists of six filters built specifically for Raven.  We call these Full Spectrum-ND, as they are truly neutral in response across visible and near-IR light.  This means zero colour shifts and zero IR problems.

Being internal filters, you’re free to use any lens at all without the additional cost and rigging of a mattebox. What’s more you are far less likely to suffer internal reflections, narcissism and other artefacts of large expensive drop-in filters.

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The set ships in a top quality custom designed hard case, with the kit consisting of:
  • ND 0.6
  • ND 0.9
  • ND 1.2
  • ND 1.5
  • ND 1.8
  • ND 2.1
  • Insertion tool
  • 6x self adhesive backfocus shims
  • Custom hard case
We’re very proud of how simple and reliable we’ve been able to make this system.  The special tool we provide means you don’t need to touch any part of the glass, and the fitting is straightforward and secure.  If the glass does get dirty it is protected by a tough high quality nano-coating, which rejects dirt and moisture making for simple cleaning. For further details on fitting, download the fitting instructions PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions

Raven ND

Our ND filters are created using sophisticated coatings rather than dyes, for more accurate colour and exposure control. They filter visible and infrared light equally, meaning that your camera’s native IR response is attenuated equally to its visible response. This is more consistent than adding a simple IR cut to a dye-based ND.

Category: Raven ND

Colour neutrality across all six filters is excellent. Moving between the filter strengths no significant changes will occur. There is a small but balanced shift moving from no filter at all to using an ND however, so in this scenario we always recommend capturing a colour chip chart in your shot to make matching simple for your colourist.

Category: Raven ND

No configuration is needed in camera to use the filters.

Category: Raven ND

The rubber flange fitment works like a ratchet – easy to insert and difficult to remove. It will never shake loose, even under extreme vibration.

Category: Raven ND

Unlike our OLPFs, these NDs are designed for very regular handling in any environment. They have a hard scratch-proof surface, with a water rejecting coating. Cleaning them is trivial with any soft tissue, cloth and regular lens cleaning fluid. The glass is thin, so avoid undue pressure.

Category: Raven ND

The back focus shims are only required if you need to maintain accurate focus marks, or hit a very specific minimum object distance. Most stills lenses do not have sufficiently accurate markings for this to be a problem. Due to the optics involved, you will always be able to reach infinity focus, even if you don’t use the shims. Remember to remove the shim if you completely remove the ND, as that could result in an inability to find infinity focus.

Category: Raven ND

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