Revolva Cartridge D


Diffusion filter wheel.
  • Clear
  • Carbon 1
  • Gold 1
  • Pearl 1
System component only.
    • Includes no mount, storage case or fitment tool.

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Recommended Compatible Products

Revolva Mounts For DSMC2®

Revolva works with any swappable mount RED® DSMC2® camera. The majority of PL and EF lenses are compatible, and the supplied smart fitment tool makes double-checking simple.

Revolva Mounts For Komodo

Converting from Komodo’s native RF mount to Canon compatible EF or industry standard PL, Revolva performs double duty by providing an integrated ND system with cinema quality optics.

Motor For Geared Cartridge

Designed and built by SHOTOVER for geared Revolva cartridges and DSMC2® mounts, providing remote control of your ND filter wheel. Not compatible with Komodo. Order through SHOTOVER’s online store.

Additional information

Wheel type

Standard, Geared (MOD 0.8)