Revolva PL mount only

From £1,500.00

Revolva PL mount and cap.
  • Revolva PL mount and cap
  • Aerospace aluminium and stainless steel construction
  • Electronic communication; /i data and metadata.
  • Precision backfocus
  • Captive screws
System component only.
  • Includes no ND cartridge, storage case or fitment tool.
  • As supplied in the PL bundle.


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Additional information

Lens Mount


Compatibility FAQ

Revolva PL, PL-S and EF are designed for any S35 sensor DSMC2 RED camera.
There is substantial compatibility with VV sensor cameras; certain lenses may vignette at full frame.
A number of camera configurations may need a simple riser for your LCD/EVF.
Not compatible – any pre DSMC2 camera, Raven.
Revolva RF/PL and RF/EF are designed for Komodo.
A support foot is supplied whose use is recommended. Better still is the Chinstrap mount.
The Revolva RF range will also fit any camera with a Canon RF (Eos R) mount
Category: Compatibility FAQ
DSMC2: Red’s 7” and 4.7” touch screens require the use of a riser for installation on the top cable-less port.
We recommend the Wooden Camera tool-less LCD adapter, which adds some practicality of its own for 4.7” users too.
The DSMC2 EVF requires the same type of riser, again adding some practicality to its mounting in the process.
Red’s Lemo adapters, as well as Pogo to Lemo adapters from Tilta and Wooden camera fit as function normally.
No accessory or top plate can be allowed to protrude beyond the face of the camera above the lens mount for a height of 20mm, adjacent to the camera name badge.
For specific rigging queries please enquire directly prior to purchase.
Komodo: No currently available accessories conflict.
No accessory or top plate can be allowed to protrude beyond the face of the camera above the lens mount for a height of 25mm, adjacent to the camera name badge.
Category: Compatibility FAQ
Revolva PL, PL-S and RF/PL are compatible with most modern PL lenses. Revolva EF and RF/EF are compatible with any standard EF lens.
Only PL lenses which have a very deep rear element projection cause trouble. This includes some common vintage lenses such as Panchros, B-speeds, and others of similar optical design.
Lenses with rear projection up to ~21mm behind the flange are safe.
Rear projections of ~21mm to ~23mm fit, but are in the ‘No Swap’ zone.
‘No Swap’ means the Revolva cartridge must not be swapped without removing the lens.
Note that lenses of this type tend often to be less than ideal on digital systems due to the acute angle of light striking the sensor.
To check safe lens fitment a simple tool is provided.
The tool is available separately for a nominal charge, refundable against a Revolva purchase.
Category: Compatibility FAQ