Revolva PL mount only

From £1,500.00

Revolva PL mount and cap.
  • Revolva PL mount and cap
  • Aerospace aluminium and stainless steel construction
  • Electronic communication; /i data and metadata.
  • Precision backfocus
  • Captive screws
System component only.
  • Includes no ND cartridge, storage case or fitment tool.
  • As supplied in the PL bundle.


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Additional information

Lens Mount


Function FAQ

Solution for built-in ND on RED cameras.
• Price: Starting from £1300
• Revolva is available for RED DSMC2 in PL and EF versions, and for Komodo as an RF/PL or RF/EF adapter.
• ND Filter cartridges are available with values from Clear to ND2.1
• Slot in upper right side of mount receives easily swapped cartridge.
• Each filter cartridge has four filter positions, changed by rotating the filter wheel.
• Always quick to return to clear filter.
• No backfocus shift.
• Most modern PL and all common EF lenses compatible.
• PL and EF both have OEM circuitry and firmware support.
• RF/EF provides electronic pass through from RF to EF.
• PL-S and RF/PL have no electronics.
• Designed and made by KipperTie in the UK.
Category: Function FAQ
Fitting Procedure: DSMC2
• Switch off your camera.
• Remove any existing lens mount using a Torx T20 tool.
• Line up the mount and attach using the captive screws, always starting with the exposed screw, upper right.
• Slide in a cartridge and boot the camera.
• Removal is the reverse of fitting; remove the upper right exposed screw last.
Fitting Procedure: Komodo
Twist the mount into position on the Komodo RF mount.
• Attach the Chinstrap to the Komodo with a Torx T20 tool.
• The mounting foot and chinstrap both use a 2.5mm hex tool to fasten to the mount.
• Slide in a cartridge and you’re ready to work.
Category: Function FAQ
Just turn the wheel!
Ensure the locking screw us loosened and rotate the filter wheel by hand.
It will snap into alignment automatically.
If you want to avoid accidental changes, simply tighten the locking screw fully.
Category: Function FAQ
Just hold the filter cartridge firmly and pull it out.
A finger grip on the top surface sometimes helps.


  • Be aware that a small number of very deep lenses can prevent the cartridge from being pulled out.
  • Always use the fitment check tool prior to mounting a lens, if there is any substantially long rear element. Be aware that rear elements often move as the focus is adjusted.
Category: Function FAQ
Revolva compensates for back focus by design.
As long as you have a Revolva cartridge fitted, back focus will be correct.
Bear in mind that temperature, knocks and bumps and other factors can affect back focus for any given lens and camera.
Adjusting backfocus on DSMC2 is simple, so you should collimate prior to shooting whenever absolute precision is required.
Shims for Revolva PL, RF/PL and RF/EF units are available by request for Ranger and Komodo users.
Category: Function FAQ
Revolva EF has full support for electronic lenses, exactly the same as Red’s own EF mount.
Revolva RF/EF passes lens control and data unchanged from the host camera to the lens, so all camera supported functions work.
Category: Function FAQ
Revolva for DSMC2 is comparable to any regular DSMC2 mount.
We advise you to use lens support wherever you normally would.
Typical primes and stills lenses are no issue.

On Komodo, Revolva RF/PL and RF/EF it is almost essential to use the supplied support foot, or better the Chinstrap, to prevent otherwise expected movement in the camera’s RF mount.

Category: Function FAQ
No, do not remove the OLPF.
Revolva’s filtration is separate and distinct from the OLPF.
As a result your preference of OLPF can be combined with any Revolva filter.
No need to touch the OLPF or get near the sensor.
Category: Function FAQ
Revolva is extremely colour neutral.
We always recommend testing your equipment prior to shooting.
Any additional optics in front or behind a lens can naturally result in subtle image characteristic changes.
Category: Function FAQ
On DSMC2 you may need a riser for your monitor. No changes are needed in how you use your camera’s interface and controls.
Komodo RF/PL and RF/EF version require no special rigging, but care should be taken where accessories protrude in front of the top edge of the camera.
Category: Function FAQ
No changes in post are required.
Category: Function FAQ
Revolva PL has the exact same support for lens data and power as Red’s own PL mount.
Revolva PL-S does not support /i Data.
Category: Function FAQ
Revolva bundles ship in a reusable, recyclable foam filled card case .
Revolva comes packaged safely in a magnetic closure heavy duty cardboard case with foam filling.
Space is available for multiple spare cartridges and the fitment test tool.
Category: Function FAQ
PL versions have some lens fitment compromises, EF doesn’t.
Certain PL lenses just don’t fit. Older style glass in almost all cases with deep rear elements and steep ray angles.
Certain lenses vignette on VV, usually longer focal lengths.
Certain combinations of camera accessories will obstruct fitment and require changes to your rigging.
…also, people will be jealous of your cool gear and say mean things about you in the crafty line.
Category: Function FAQ