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Revolva PL-S bundle


Rapid, Intuitive, & Compatible

Revolva PL-S is the simple, effective filter mount for RED® DSMC2. The single filter cartridge is loaded with a four-position rotating filter.  Compatible with any quick-change Revolva cartridge, for best of class ND and diffusion, right where you need it.

It’s is easy to love. No fumbling with trays, sticking screw threads or dropped and smashed filters. Just slip in the tough aerospace alloy filter cartridge and spin to the filter you need.

Revolva PL-S works with any swappable mount RED® DSMC2® camera. The majority of modern PL lenses are compatible, and the supplied smart fitment tool makes double-checking simple.

Lead time for new orders is approximately 4 weeks

Available as build-to-order

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What’s in the box?

  • Revolva PL-S mount
  • Revolva ND Cartridge S
  • Fitment test tool
  • Hard case

ND Cartridge S

ND 0 (clear)  •  ND 0.6  •  ND 1.2  •  ND 2.1

ND Cartridges A and B (as supplied with the Revolva PL or EF bundles) are compatible with the Revolva PL-S mount.

Revolva PL-S provides all the practicality of the original PL design, at reduced cost and complexity. Ideal for rapid, challenging production work and modern PL glass.

The design complements your RED® system elegantly, with robust and ergonomic engineering.

At the heart of the Revolva PL-S system, the quick change cartridge contain four best of class filters with ND values from clear to 2.1.  Any existing Revolva cartridge is compatible too.

The filter wheel snaps magnetically between positions, locks positively, and clicks convincingly into the mount.

An ingenious backfocus compensation design ensures maximum clearance for a wide variety of lenses.

Backing up the smart optics and tough engineering, Revolva PL and EF feature complete camera firmware integration and captive mounting screws.

Ultra neutral FSND

ND 0 (clear)
ND 0.6
ND 1.2
ND 2.1
Revolva ND cartridges use Full Spectrum neutral density filters.  This means that the visible and near-IR light is controlled and reduced to precisely the same degree.  As a result colour shifts otherwise caused by invisible IR pollution are intelligently minimised.

Frequently Asked Questions

Function FAQ

Solution for built-in ND on RED camera.
• Price: Starting from £1400.
• Includes complete PL or EF mount for RED DSMC2 and ND 0 (clear) to 2.1 ND.
• Slot in upper right side of mount receives easily swapped cartridge.
• Each cartridge has four filter positions, changed by rotating filter wheel.
• Always quick to return to clear filter.
• No backfocus shift.
• Many PL and all common EF lenses compatible.
• PL and EF both have OEM circuitry and firmware support, full set of 8 filter strengths.
• PL-S has no electronics and a single filter wheel.
• Designed and made by KipperTie in the UK.
Category: Function FAQ
Fitting Procedure
• Switch off your camera.
• Remove any existing lens mount using a Torx T20 tool.
• Line up the mount and attach using the captive screws, always starting with the exposed screw, upper right.
• Slide in a cartridge and boot the camera.
• Removal is the reverse of fitting; remove the upper right exposed screw last.
Category: Function FAQ
Just turn the wheel!
Ensure the locking screw us loosened and rotate the filter wheel by hand.
It will snap into alignment automatically.
If you want to avoid accidental changes, simply tighten the locking screw.
Category: Function FAQ
Just hold the filter cartridge firmly and pull it out.
A finger grip on the top surface sometimes helps.


  • Be aware that a small number of very deep lenses can prevent the cartridge from being pulled out.
  • Always use the fitment check tool prior to mounting a lens, if there is any substantially long rear element.
Category: Function FAQ
Revolva compensates for back focus by design.
As long as you have a Revolva cartridge fitted, back focus will be correct.
Bear in mind that temperature, knocks and bumps and other factors can affect back focus for any given lens and camera.
Adjusting backfocus on RED is simple, so you should collimate prior to shooting whenever absolute precision is required.
Category: Function FAQ
Revolva EF has full support for electronic lenses, exactly the same as Red’s own EF mount.
Category: Function FAQ
Revolva’s strength is comparable to any regular DSMC mount.
We advise you to use lens support wherever you normally would.
Typical primes and stills lenses are no issue.

The critical points are the mounting flange on the lens and the camera face.
Support is important in any case to safeguard these areas from flexing.
Category: Function FAQ
No, do not remove the OLPF.
Revolva’s filtration is separate and distinct from the OLPF.
As a result your preference of OLPF can be combined with any Revolva filter.
No need to touch the OLPF or get near the sensor.
Category: Function FAQ
Revolva is extremely colour neutral.
We always recommend testing your equipment prior to shooting.
Revolva additional optics naturally result in subtle image characteristic changes.
Category: Function FAQ
You may need a riser for your monitor.
However, no changes are needed in how you use your camera’s interface and controls.
Category: Function FAQ
No changes in post are required.
Category: Function FAQ
Revolva PL has the exact same support for lens data as Red’s own PL mount.
Revolva PL-S does not support iData.
Category: Function FAQ
Revolva bundles ship with a great hard case.
Revolva comes packaged in a robust and waterproof Underwater Kinetics case with foam filling.
Slots are included for multiple spare cartridges and the fitment test tool.
Category: Function FAQ
No, just one.
Pro tip:
You can combine Revolva with any KipperTie OLPF, if you need ND and Diffusion for example.
Category: Function FAQ
Nope, don’t worry.
There are definitely a full complement of four.
Revolva does have an unusual cantilevered design allowing for the cartridge to be inserted.
Category: Function FAQ
PL has some fitment compromises, EF doesn’t.
Certain PL lenses just don’t fit.
Certain lenses vignette on VV.
Gate flare when not using a sunshade is potentially different from normal expectation.
Certain combinations of camera accessories will obstruct fitment and require changes to your rigging.
…also, people will be jealous of your cool gear and say mean things about you in the crafty line.
Category: Function FAQ

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Purchasing FAQ

Online orders can be placed through this store.
Purchases are also possible through Kippertie resellers around the world.
Category: Purchasing FAQ
The PL and EF package contains two cartridges.
Cartridge 1:
• Clear filter (ND 0)
• ND 0.3
• ND 0.6
• ND 0.9
Cartridge 2:
• ND 1.2
• ND 1.5
• ND 1.8
• ND 2.1
The PL-S package contains one cartridge.
• Clear filter (ND 0)
• ND 0.6
• ND 1.2
• ND 2.1
KipperTie provides filters manufactured to our own exacting specification, with some unique design aspects.
Our filters are extremely colour neutral from one ND value to the next.
Optionally available is a set of KipperTie diffusion filters.
All are grade 1 strength, consisting of:
• Clear filter
• Gold
• Pearl
• Carbon
Further cartridges are in development.
Category: Purchasing FAQ
KipperTie is part of RED’s approved third party programme.
Revolva PL has full RED approved status.
It is our intention that neither Revolva, nor any part of the recommended method of fitting and using Revolva affect your RED warranty.
Category: Purchasing FAQ
All orders placed prior to September 2018 will ship before the end of Q3 2018.
A new ordering window and production batch will be announced shortly.
Category: Purchasing FAQ
We ship worldwide.
The only export limitations we must adhere to are for Cuba, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Iran and Syria.
Category: Purchasing FAQ
System components will shortly be available separately.
In the mean time, spare or additional parts for existing customers are available by request.
Category: Purchasing FAQ
Never say never.
We have no current plans for custom filter choices on a general basis.
As always KipperTie are proud to offer flexibility wherever possible.
Please get in touch if you have real and unusual requirements.
Category: Purchasing FAQ

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Compatibility FAQ

Revolva is designed for any S35 sensor DSMC2 RED camera.
There is substantial compatibility with VV sensor cameras; certain lenses may vignette at full frame.
DSMC2 is the current RED body style, comprising: SCARLET-W, EPIC-W, WEAPON
S35 sensors: Dragon and Helium
VV sensor: Dragon and Monstro.
A number of camera configurations may need a simple riser for your LCD/EVF.
Not compatible – any pre DSMC2 camera, Raven.
Red’s 7” and 4.7” touch screens require the use of a riser for installation on the top cable-less port.
We recommend the Wooden Camera tool-less LCD adapter, which adds some practicality of its own for 4.7” users too.
The DSMC2 EVF requires the same type of riser, again adding some practicality to its mounting in the process.
Red’s Lemo adapters, as well as Pogo to Lemo adapters from Tilta and Wooden camera fit as function normally.
No accessory or top plate can be allowed to protrude beyond the face of the camera above the lens mount, adjacent to the camera name badge.
For specific rigging queries please enquire directly prior to purchase.
Revolva PL and PL-S are compatible with most modern PL lenses, and Revolva EF is compatible with any EF lens.
Only PL lenses which have a very deep rear element projection cause trouble.
Lenses with rear projection up to ~21mm behind the flange are safe.
Rear projections of ~21mm to ~23mm fit, but are in the ‘No Swap’ zone.
‘No Swap’ means the Revolva cartridge must not be swapped without removing the lens.
Note that lenses of this type tend often to be less than ideal on digital systems due to the acute angle of light striking the sensor.
To check safe lens fitment a simple tool is provided.
The tool is available separately for a nominal charge, refundable against a Revolva purchase.
Currently we intend only to make EF and PL versions.

Nikon has some electro-mechanical complications which are tough to package around Revolva’s mechanism.
Leica flange depth makes this version impossible.

Note that many unusual lenses are adaptable to EF.

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