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Longtake® 2TB

RED Approved third party SSD mag for DSMC2 cameras.  Fully compatible with RED MINI-MAG®, with a huge 2TB capacity and ultra robust lifespan.

Revolva & Adapta

The Revolva system provides behind the lens ND for RED DSMC2 and Komodo.

Adapta brings industry standard PL mount lenses to Komodo without compromise.

Komodo RF mount accessories
DSMC2 Bundles
DSMC2 Mounts
KipperTie OLPFs

Ingeniously designed internal filters for RED DSMC2 cameras, providing beautiful special and technical effects.

False Colour
KipperTie Tools and Accessories

Essential tools, handy extras and custom trinkets for the discerning

Camera accessories
Standard filters
Essential tools
Coronavirus status update - October 2020


All products are available with normal lead times.


Filming is now possible for many types of production. Post production and animation continue as normal with remote working in effect.


Our Pinewood Studios office is open by appointment only. All pickups and deliveries should contact us on 01753 656568 or email to establish which KipperTie location should be used.