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We are currently changing our stock indication protocol.

Currently ‘in stock’ means that we hold all necessary parts to assemble a product. It’s a lot like ordering a car that has your own specification – it is subject to assembly and testing time, and final QC which can cause delays prior to actual shipping. Our supply chain process has been undergoing improvements – make no mistake, we are new at this, so delivery time has not been optimal in many cases.

From 1st January 2017, ‘In stock’ on our website will mean we have pre-built, pre-packaged, QC-passed products ready for immediate shipping.

‘Available to order’ will refer to the above process, where we hold components in stock ready to build to order.

We will continue to allow back-orders, and to offer discounted pre-orders where applicable, and as always we trust that our customers understand that lead times here are estimated only.

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