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What is Revolva? Give me the executive summary.

Solution for built-in ND on RED cameras.
• Price: Starting from £1300
• Revolva is available for RED DSMC2 in PL and EF versions, and for Komodo as an RF/PL or RF/EF adapter.
• ND Filter cartridges are available with values from Clear to ND2.1
• Slot in upper right side of mount receives easily swapped cartridge.
• Each filter cartridge has four filter positions, changed by rotating the filter wheel.
• Always quick to return to clear filter.
• No backfocus shift.
• Most modern PL and all common EF lenses compatible.
• PL and EF both have OEM circuitry and firmware support.
• RF/EF provides electronic pass through from RF to EF.
• PL-S and RF/PL have no electronics.
• Designed and made by KipperTie in the UK.
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